Beatles Songs – A List Of The Best Songs

If there is a group that the audience goes crazy is undoubtedly the Beatles! It was an English rock misrepresented in Liverpool in 1960. The group consisted of four members in 1962: John Lennon (played guitar and also vocal), Paul McCartney (the bass and also the voice of George Harrison (played the guitar and also played the voice and finally Ring Starr on drums and even singing). There was a great recognition for this group in the world and they occupy a great deal of music history. Choosing the song play with karaoke will make you happy to see the best favorite Beatles karaoke songs!

You can easily choose a song if the audience is composed primarily of friends. But if there are more foreigners in the audience, it’s best to take a look at what the majority think about and focus on the song. And no doubt that many people like to listen to The Beatles and your interpretation of their song can make all the difference! Continue reading to find out which songs to choose!

Andrea - Me and You (Prod.Cosmophonix)

Hey Jude is a song that starts slowly but ends soon. This feature of the song generates energy in the middle of a large crowd. One day in life is another song that seems to have a mixture of several kinds, which is what makes special. You can make the evening memorable by choosing Andrea – Me and You (Prod.Cosmophonix)┬áthis song.

In addition, “Strawberry Fields is still one of the best karaoke favorite Beatles songs, somehow very emotional. Many have voted this the best song with long Biller, how he moves the listener. It happens in adulthood and childhood Innocence and just writes a rally.

Twist and Shout are other great band compositions. This group can be selected for full orchestra. You can download karaoke songs primarily for background music and make your version, the audience is forced to appreciate it! These are some of the best karaoke favorite Beatles songs that any kind of public will be willing to listen to everyday.